The Tree of Confusion

This idea sprang from a conversation with Cian. 

Having now been unable to shoot two projects that I had invested considerable time and effort into Cian suggested trying to recreate the difficulties in delivering a project. Rather than a specific project. Having thought about it for a few days, it struck me that a way forward would be to revist an image I took last year. 

One of the things I have done at university is create an image which for me reflects my late daughters life. She was a baby when she passed and I have spent many years dealing with the hurt that loss brings. I started the project by looking at reflections and how they appear in our lives, how they ate there when we look at them but not actually real. I took an image of a tree and the reflection of the tree in the water, it struck me that this was also how we see our memories, as visions but not fact.

I took many images of trees, however one of the images I use as my desktop on my computer. It is an image I took early one morning on the way home from work. The sun is just coming up, and the tree is silhouetted against the sun, the branches are twisted and barren of leaves, yet the sun is already giving off a warm glow.

The idea I thought of, was to take various elements of the projects I had been unable to complete, and to hang them on the tree's branches. As they twist and turn it shows the  difficulty that we are going through as creatives who want to create something tangible. Then I thought I would take photographs of the tree as my final piece. this would be arranged as the central tree then imagesprinted out and stuck onto the larger picture to create a collage effect made up of images.

The Tree of Confusion