Wasted Time

This piece actually forms the basis of the final project Lake of Souls. Whilst i was deciding about the Tree of Confusion project, I had an idea that it might be useful to strip the projects back to basics. I had a conversation with a friend who is also a model. I started to feel that the way to address this project was to create a simple piece. I thought that what I could do was photograph my friend as she wandered around the grounds of the studio. She could look as though she was reminising about a former love, whistful, dewy eyed type images. We could photograph her having a picnic even.

During one of our conversations, I thought about using the lake that we have at the studio, and maybe even putting her into the water. Things developed from there and I thought about using props to make it seem as though she was there but in reality was a ghost. I sketched out various scenes around the farm, and then thought about using a backing track to give a little more poignancy to the images. I decided upon the track Wasted Time by the Eagles. I thought that as the track is approximately four minutes it would give eight images approximately 30 seconds each on a continuous loop. I felt that it would add more of a drama to the piece.